Heske Group University of Nevada Las Vegas

Electronic and Chemical Properties of
Surfaces and Interfaces

Welcome to the Heske Research Group web page!

The Heske group's approach is to combine a large number of spectroscopic and structural methods to study surfaces and interfaces of devices devoted to the conversion of energy. We utilize spectroscopic methods, both in the lab at UNLV as well as at third-generation synchrotron light sources around the world. Furthermore, we use microscopic probes and diffraction methods to study the morphology and structure of surfaces.

With this “tool chest”, we team up with a number of national and international partners to unravel the secrets of surfaces and interfaces in a large number of different (mostly solar) devices.

Reports on the Group:
The Machine is hungry!

"Alternative Buffer Materials and Their Electronic and Chemical Properties in Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 and CdTe Thin-Film Solar Cells"

"Exploring the Structure of Aqueous Solutions with SALSA"